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To Keep an Art Journal As Practice

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To keep an art journal is a ‘practice’ as in meditation and yoga.

Every day in your meditation or in your yoga you bring a different ‘you’ to the practice. A simple example of this is that on some days you have not had enough sleep and your meditation or your yoga will reflect that fact. Another example, once in a while you will have a glass of wine with dinner and then have another after dinner. Not only will the meditation and yoga be affected, but any exercise – and in a way – any motivation, will be affected.

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To Keep an Art Journal Takes Practice

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A friend said to me the other day “You have always been a better self-starter than I have.” I stared at her in astonishment. This is not how I see myself. If I want to accomplish anything I have to paint myself into a corner and have no way out but forward. To others this looks like self-starting.

Side note: This brings up all those funny initials that geeks use ROFL, LMAO, LOL. For the rest of us these translate into hysterical giggles.

Ahem, where was I, oh yes to keep an art journal takes practice…let me tell you how I paint myself into a corner.

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To Keep an Art Journal as A Survival Tool

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Days like this are when my determination to keep an art journal becomes a survival tool, much, much more than recreation, therapy or spiritual practice.

The kids have an extra day off because of teacher conferences YAY YAHOO – except it is snowing – hard. I spent the morning puttering around my art area while they watched cartoons and now the art supplies are in good order for when the giant HO-HUM sets in.

We will practice mixing and using acrylics, our ten year old is developing a real technique and it is great fun watching her daubing, spraying and speckling. This is where my art journaling comes into play. While she works I use her extra paints to prep pages in a couple of my new art journals. No matter how often we do it – we always have extra paint mixed and out. This way I am there to help turn her big wet pages, hand out wipes and admire, without hovering. It is a great opportunity to prepare pages with colors I wouldn’t normally choose myself. It allows a fresh flush of color on as many pages as I care to work up.

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You know insights seem to happen in the moment, but there are a myriad of things that lead up to having the insight. In this case I went to the Denver Art Museum (first time), visited a friend’s studio (and nearly drooled), have been reading magazines and books on my particular art genre, and also have been collaging quite a bit since early December to complete 2008 and envision 2009. I think that all of these ‘doings’ led to my insight.

I write, and as a writer it is very important to read. Every class, workshop and many books I have read about writing, all recommend lots of reading. And it is recommended that a person read all kinds of things to see how other folk do it – not so you do it like them, but so you see different ways and methods that you can use.

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