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Pan Pastel 101

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Pan Pastels for  Dummies - You must post upside down to qualify for the class LOL

Pan Pastels for Dummies - You must post upside down to qualify for the class LOL

I know it doesn’t show, but I am just enamored with these PanPastels! They are so rich, deep, creamy…mmm yummy…that I need to find more ways to play with them. I need to know how to use the tools, blend the colors, apply the colors, keep from ruining or wasting the pastel chalk itself. So I have registered in an online class called Cre8tive Pan Pastel 101. This is a 5 week class that has as the tagline, Non-traditional Techniques and Mixing Media. I’ve finished Lesson 1, which really had me explore how to get the textures and shadings to blend and be used in the best ways. What it really did was break the ice so that I got everything out and played with the goodies. The class is very basic and in my opinion that is my skill level with this medium so it will be perfect for me!

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A Collaborative Art Journal aka The Round Robin

The Texture of Life

The Texture of Life

I first read about this type of collaborative journaling in ’04 in Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and other adventures in Bookmaking by Holly Harrison. I was fascinated by the idea of making an art journal and then sending it around the continent for others to put their art in. It sounded like a lot of fun and a really great way to share art on a deep level. Of course the way it works is that I also make a page in a different book every month and send it off into the ether.

So about a third of the Sketchbook Gang is starting a Round Robin on February first. Of course most of us really started as soon as our Sketchbook Project was out the door, the first week of January. Good thing I started early as I am on the third iteration of the Art Journal itself! I originally planned to use an old Record Album, the kind that 75 rpm records came in, with about 6 record sleeves bound into a book-like cover. I slaved over converting this old book into a journal with enough surfaces to meet the criteria only to find that the dear old thing is just tooooo fragile. There is no way it would survive being shipped around the U.S. and Canada for ten months. So that book will be saved for another day – BUT now I had to make a second journal as fast as I could! And I had to change my theme too!!! ACK! I actually started another cover only to decide I would never get enough pages painted in time to send it off next Monday. SO I went to a partially finished cover that I already had pages prepped for and finished the front embellishment and sewed it all together – whew! Now I only have to make my intro page and my sign in and out pages and I will be ready to ship! A benefit of starting so many books for this one journal is that I will be able to have a test journal standing by to try out some of my ideas rather than doing a test drive in someone else’s journal!

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Still More (still life) with Pan Pastels

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Pan Pastel pricing and availabitility shown in sidebar to the right.

More with Pan Pastels

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Pan Pastel pricing and availability shown in sidebar to the right.

Keep an Art Journal for An Adventure a Month

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This year my favorite New Year’s resolution is to have an Adventure Every Month! Now that is a resolution that I will keep! I have decided to keep an art journal specifically for these adventures. I suspect it will get a little more wear than my ‘at home’ journals or even my ‘in the car’ journals.
Lori off road

I got a little carried away for my January adventure and must say that it might have qualified as a ‘Survival Episode’ if that weren’t so stupidly dramatic. It was a hard adventure, right up there in the endurance levels of natural childbirth, but I did it. So what is it I cannot do?

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Altering Binders for Letter Journals

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Sandy's Letters

Sandy's Letters

This week is my Mom’s 86th birthday. She lives in a small apartment and doesn’t need any more stuff! My brothers and sisters each have a day assigned to send her mail – real snail mail. We use large type and include pictures. When we are away from home we send her postcards. The only thing she has too much of is letters! She is the Mail Queen of the lunch room – LOL. She keeps and re-reads the letters and is often frustrated because they are out of order or she can’t find a specific letter.


So I got out an old three-ring binder and went to work. I could have spent another month or two decorating the covers, it was so much fun. However, her birthday is this week. So last night I just stopped so it would all be dry enough to get in Express Mail today.
Gold dots...

Gold dots...

I also put together an everyday journaling book for my sister who was born on my Mom’s birthday – oh those many years ago – LOL! She says she doesn’t journal, but everyone needs somewhere to carry their To Do list, Grocery List, Call today lists – right?
Bling - I love bling!

Bling - I love bling!

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Using Pan Pastels

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See Pan Pastel pricing and availability in sidebar. Amazon or Dick Blick


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