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More Kelli Perkins – Keep an Art Journal

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This is actually a commercial for her (Kelli Perkins’) DVD class, but you can see her style and get a sense of what her video and book include.

Spool Poetry ala Kelli Perkins – Keep An Art Journal

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Wooden spool stained walnut, edge painted gold, ribbon and pearl top

Wooden spool stained walnut, edge painted gold, ribbon and pearl top

I love to find new ways to string words together, to mark a day or a feeling or just to pass along a secret.

One of the women in my favorite yahoo froup got us all going on these spools and we are swapping them around the country and Canada.

Yes I know you may be saying, “this is journaling?” or “this is a little kitschy/crafty” but however you look at it – it was fun and challenging.

One of our members, Lisa,  stumbled across the idea on
Kelli Perkins‘ blog.  I am looking at my spools as a cure for the common greeting card.

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Savory Heirloom Tomato Tart!

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Savory Heirloom Tomato Tart
Another Art Camp favorite!

Savory Heirloom Tomato Tart
Ladies for Lunch

We served this dinner at fall camp. Both our chef, Lori Loschiavo, and our partner Lori (art journal Lori) graciously donated fresh organic vegetables from their gardens.

you are not so lucky to have gardeners like our Loris in your life, it is
worth a trip to your local Farmer's Market for in season Tomatoes and
parsley, anytime after mid-summer.


Pastry (enough for 2 tarts)
12 oz.      All-purpose flour
1 tsp.       Salt
6 oz         Unsalted butter, cold and cut into bits
5-8 Tbs.  Chilled water
2 tsp.      Vinegar

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Watercolor Pencil Class – Keep an Art Journal

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Watercolor Pencil Class - lesson 1

Watercolor Pencil Class - lesson 1

I’ve started my online Watercolor Pencil class and finished the first lesson, including the shopping and organizing the supplies. A.R.T. aka Artists of the Round Table, a yahoo group, are sponsoring the class by Marilyn (Maer) Harris-Mills of Ottawa. The class is great, starting with the fact that the instructor assumes you are artistic and interested, but not necessarily experienced. So she shares practical, experienced advice and I’m not left feeling patronized or moronic.

Brushes Old and New

Brushes Old and New

I rummaged around until I found some paper I loved. I know it is Arches and I think it is 140 lb cold-press

I rummaged around until I found some paper I loved. I know it is Arches and I think it is 140 lb cold-press

Over time I have accumulated a lot of water color supplies! In an effort to find something neat enough, small enough, colorful enough etc. for traveling, often far, far away and often on foot; I kept picking up a watercolor pencil here and another one there. Finally one year, about a decade ago my husband and my son put their pennies together and bought me a full spectrum set of the beauties. I used them for the first time last week! I thought they would get better with age or something. Duh.

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Art Just for the Fun of It! – Keep An Art Journal

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Easter Eggs and future papers

Easter Eggs and future papers

Our annual Easter Egg Dying party took place yesterday. The normal core production crew was here 4 kids from one family up the street, our grandkids, and Opa and Oma. Some years we have as many as 11 kids, but this time we just had the six. We have learned, sadly, from experience that we cannot post the children’s pictures safely, so you can only see the results. We started out with 11 eggs per child and three different types of commercial products. We had a lot of fun, but as usual ran out of eggs long before we ran out of energy. Normally, at this point I shoo the kids outside to the park and secretly dye my yearly stash of paper towels for using in my art journaling. Well it was a little cold outside so the kids were milling about the house, playing in different parts of the house and they caught me surreptitiously dying some paper towels, first the 2 older girls then the youngest boy and soon ALL of them were dying paper towels. We used up all the paper towels in the house and only stopped because we ran out of towels! And the yellow dye. I was prepared to lay out about 10 pieces on the counter, but ended up having to break out the summer drying racks as well. The satisfaction of having those kids completely immersed in the art of the color dying went way beyond words. It feels like I have a whole dining room full of prayer flags flying…the kids then made popcorn and trooped to the basement to watch a movie. A good time was had by all!

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