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Sketchbook Challenge #4 Highly Prized Blooms in Winter

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Highly Prized - Blooms in Winter

Highly Prized - Blooms in Winter

Breakthrough! I finally did a sketch directly into my sketchbook! I see from the Sketchbook site that I am not the only one having this problem. Are we funny or what?

This is probably my last Highly Prized sketch and I must say that this one is at the top of my list. All the holiday flowers are done and on the way to the compost bucket and what do I find in the dining room? One of my geranium plants, saved to get starts from, has bloomed! This flower is one of the best, brilliant white with the tiniest red dots, and then of course it is unexpected, a surprise. Definitely highly prized.

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Wiling Away a Waiting Weekend

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ATC Zentangles

ATC Zentangles

I had kids here for the weekend. The long, cold weekend. Indoors.

They are in a “Mythological” stage. The Rick Riordan books got them interested  but now, as we are a Netflix/Roku family, they have found Hercules and Xena as well as some really old black and white movies with Charlton Heston and others…what I’m trying to say here is that it can be a really loooong weekend when the entertainment is set at the adolescent level. So to wile away the hours I finally tried out some zen-tangling.

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Sketchbook Challenge #3 – Sketchbook Plan C

Capturing my sketches

Capturing my sketches

I want to make my own Sketchbook for this year’s Sketchbook Challenge. Previous posts showed my first try i.e. the New Year idea.  That first sketchbook is very cute and not practical at all i.e. it cannot travel.  C’est la vie – I moved on to Plan B! I would make my own cover add alternating paper (Strathmore Bristol Vellum 100lb and Strathmore Watercolor cold press 140 lb) and I would get it coil bound so it would lie flat OR fold all the way inside out for a better work surface. Also with the different papers, I could sketch on sketching paper and paint on the watercolor paper for the sketches where I wanted to add color.

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Finding Your Style in the Art Around You

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Lori Wostl, Art Journalist

Stop for a moment and think of the art you are already drawn to and try to isolate a short list of what it is in each piece that attracts you. Do the same things capture you from one artist to the next?

Sky's the Limit
Sky’s the Limit-the Art of Nancy Dunlop Cawdry by Kim Hermanson. Look at the art of others for inspiration

Someone recently asked me where I came up with my ideas and how did I put my own ‘signature’ on my visual art. This is a really good, good question.

Since I was introduced to Art Journaling in 2006, I have read numerous books, taken classes and sucked up hours worth of You Tube, looking for new methods and techniques.

Right now I’m looking at the art around me and asking what is it about this piece that draws me to it in the first place. Is it the tone and brilliance of the colors? Is it the mood the colors evoke? Is it the combination of the colors? Is it the way the artist uses ordinary shapes to make wild and unusual borders? Is it all of those things?  Can you include any of that in some way into the next piece you do? From these questions you will begin to build your short list. Read more

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CULINARY ART! Lemon Mousse with Mixed Berries.

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Culinary Art Surface Design

A light and delicious dessert - maybe to serve when the art club is over!

1 quart mixed berries (preferable fresh)
8 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup lemon juice
1 1/2 tblsp grated lemon zest
1 cup heavy cream
4 egg whites
Mint for garnish


If using fresh berries, you may want to put 1/2 into serving bowls before pouring over the mousse, making sure berries are dry, reserving some for garnish. If using frozen berries, thaw and drain them and put them on top of mousse when serving.

1. To make the mousse, in a bowl placed over a saucepan of gently simmering water, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice and zest. Cook this mixture until thickened.

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Sketchbook Challenge #2 Highly Prized

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An unexpected road trip wedged into the schedule on the spur-of-the-moment! YIPPEE! Took my writing journal, my class notebook, my pens, some watercolor crayons, a watercolor water-brush – and no art journal. DUH. I did have a new package of cardstock in the car, so at least I had some paper. Since we landed at the Bosque del Apache, an hour-and-a-half south of Albuquerque I decided to sketch birds.

Source of Inspiration - Snow Geese Rising

Source of Inspiration - Snow Geese Rising

Last year we missed the Snow Geese migration as we went through the Bosque in February. This year we got to see them. The count was at 37,375 as of last weekend. The Sandhill Cranes are also still there and we always see lots of eagles, ducks – the overall duck count was over 50,000 – Canada Geese, and then all the little birds that are there at the Refuge.

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Recycled Journal Pages with Pam Carriker Take 2

I made a second page for week one’s lesson as I think the first page is finished and there is a rumor that we need to keep adding to the page we start in week one.

Girl Without a Pearl

Girl Without a Pearl

The background strips are from my earlier collaged journal pages which I copied and tore up with the addition of a strip of blue Japanese masking tape. The head is a composite of “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” and a drawing of a 1935 pattern model. The blue flower print is from the test papers I made with my wood blocks.

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Man of the Year

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My guy gets Man of the Year Award for the BEST present to wife EVER!

Basket of Blocks!

Basket of Blocks!

While shopping for the kid’s presents we stumbled across a new store on the Boulder Mall called Momentum. The store is a fair trade outlet for third world art and accoutrement, helping different countries in a sustainable way. In the back of the store was a large old tin washtub filled with (seemingly) antique wood printing blocks of different styles and sizes. My man, noticing me drooling over them, somehow managed to distract me and bought several to surprise me with on Solstice morning!

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Recycled Journal Pages with Pam Carriker

For this online class I am using a  children’s book discarded from the library.

Ah-ah-ah-ah Staying Alive!

Ah-ah-ah-ah Staying Alive!

In the class, Pam uses a female face she drew for her focal point. I haven’t drawn any female figures before so I used a copy of a photo for my focal point. The bright green pattern at the top of the page is a block print made while I was testing my new antique wooden block stamps – more about these later. The figures on the side are part of the original page in the book.  The idea this week is to make collaged pages for a visual journal using portions of copies of pages from  past journals i.e. recycle your own art.

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Sketchbook Challenge Home Made Sketchbook Update

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Front Flyleaf Home Made Sketchbook

Front Flyleaf Home Made Sketchbook

Update on the Sketchbook I’m making.
1. Don’t think this will handle much more than sitting on a table in the studio – just not sturdy enough for the in-and-out-of-purse experience.
2. It does lie flat though – still not all the way dry so I’m not moving it around too much.
3. I’m getting confused between the Sketchbook Challenge – which I started this book for and the Strathmore/Pam Carriker weekly prompts so I started using recycled journal pages from the past (ala Pam’s class) for the fly leaf. I think this problem will resolve itself soon enough.
4. I am getting to use a LOT of my tape!
5. Just visited the Sketchbook site and they have instructions for making your own sketchbook – maybe I’ll start over. HWL

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