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Fabric Paper Journal Covers

Fabric Paper Journal Cover Embellished with Beads

Fabric paper sewn/machine quilted onto black canvas-Front View

Lorri Flint here – I love making Fabric Paper!! Many of my Art Quilts take 50 to 100+ hours to complete and these days, I’m just not into spending that much time on one piece.  That’s why I love making Fabric Paper – Beryl Taylor  or Kelli Perkins  style!  It’s a fun, very forgiving, slightly messy process where I can just play and have incredibly rich results in a few hours.   Instant gratification is good for the creative soul.

I was lucky enough to take a class from Kelli to learn her style and I’m super lucky that Beryl Taylor is coming to the May 2011 Art Camp for Women. If you can’t make it to May Camp, then come play with Kelli in October 2011.  (We’re the only retreat she’s teaching at in 2011, so don’t pass up this opportunity!) I’ve been exploring what I can do with these juicy fabric paper sheets and here’s what I’ve come up with so far!

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Sketchbook Challenge – May – I Can’t Resist

I can’t resist a yellow wildflower

We recently went on our first “rough” camping trip of the year. Rough means miles from anywhere on dirt roads with no water, toilets or picnic tables. We found it was a little early and retreated more than once to modern civilization. Read more about the Prairie Adventure.

For the trip I had a goal of drawing a wildflower everyday. This would fit with my Art Journaling Every Day challenge as well as fit into the Sketchbook challenge as I know I am a sucker for Yellow Flowers.

Here are some of the yellow wildflowers we came across while hiking.

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Studio Organization – Again

Remember I told you I gave myself incentives to organize/reorganize/spring clean my studio? And that my latest obsession is with the drawers from olde (old with an e – means really old) sewing machines? Well I’ve moved on to a higher mode – the brackets or pieces of olde sewing machines that held the drawers! AAACCCKKK! I’ve gone round the bend. I saw such a bracket, broken, dirty, rusted and only good for kindling in a small junque shop on my last Nebraska birding trip. (It was raining – okay?)

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