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Weaving Wonderment with Kelli Nina Perkins

Think Outside the Book – samantha kira harding

The July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, one of my favorite magazines, had an article by Samantha Kira Harding. It was titled Think Outside the Book. I loved the idea, the only problem? I’m not much for sewing.  In school, when starting 7th grade all the girls were required to take Home-Ec  so I know my way around a sewing machine. And of course I have one…what I don’t have is material. Sheesh. I didn’t even realize that the ‘rag bag’ or the ‘scrap bag’ had gone the way of pay phones. So over the past 4 or 5 weeks I have been gathering material to try out Ms. Harding’s canvas pages.

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Art on Vacation

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Remember I was talking about browsing junk/secondhand/antique stores when I am away from home? Did I mention I am often on the look out for something that could be repurposed into storage or shelving? I have previously posted about my sewing machine drawers, but have you seen my old soda-pop shelves? No – well here they are:

Pop Carrier Shelf

Pop Carrier Shelf

This is a 7-up crate, designed to carry 12 bottles of 7-up.  This is my most recent pop carrier shelf that I found in very good shape in Delores at an antique shop where we also bought my friend’s chairs.

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Alumni 2007 – Valli Thayer McDougle

Valli Thayer McDougle, Contemporary Water Media and Collage Artist

AC4W: Valli was already an accomplished artist when she came to our first Art Camp for Women in 2007.  First of all – thank you so much for taking a chance on us coming to that first camp.

A Step in Time-72, Valli Thayer McDougleAC4W: Valli, what are you working on currently?

VTM: I am always working on a number of different things at once.

I am working with my art group on a project to get people interested in, and used to, buying original art. The art group meets every Friday afternoon at Shack Man Glass Studio and Galleries, 3918 Tennyson, Denver. Using only what art supplies we already have, we paint small paintings, a 5″ X 7″  format that can be popped into a frame and price them at $10.00. We then sell them through Shack Man Glass Studio and Galleries, on First Friday and also throughout the month.

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Art Journaling Every Day – No Matter Where You Are – No Matter What the “Canvas” Is

At the end of June I went to spend some quality time with my Wise Woman friend Susan. Sometimes I get so tangled up in my head all there is to do is declare a break and remove myself from my life and go get into someone else’s (life, that is).

Susan just had her front room dry walled and painted so we decided to redecorate! Her biggest problem was a large yellow-brick fireplace that was painted the same color as the rest of the walls. I looked and saw some yummy texture and she looked and threw up her hands in dismay.

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Kelli Nina Perkins|Art Workshops for October| A Peek to Pique Your Curiosity

Kelli Nina Perkins a Peek to Pique

Peek to Pique - Art Workshops in October

Appearing out of the mist of the enchanted forest of the internet, Kelli lures us into her spell with the subtle approach to her oh-so-unsubtle, magical, mixed-media art.
“During Art Camp, we’ll have plenty of time to veer off the beaten path to explore randomness in all its forms.” Kelli invites and then casually adds, “We’ll make random poetry, do some random art journaling, make some random marks with bleach, paint, stamps and foil, meander on our pages with random thread sketching and see what happens when we leave the safety of our comfortable art nest. We may just find that we can fly!”

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Art Journaling Every Day – Flower A Day

Phlox in the Mountains

Phlox in the Mountains

One last post about A Flower A Day in June. The idea was to draw a flower a day to increase my drawing skills and to sharpen my observations. I managed to draw 9 flowers in June – so not one a day by a long shot. The practice of the exercise did sharpen my observation skills considerably and it also enhanced my enjoyment of the flowers as well as the walks and hikes I took to see them. There is always room for improvement when it comes to drawing. And really, if it is important to have a perfect rendition then snap a photo.

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Getting a Feel for Kelli Nina Perkins

Kelli Nina Perkins will be giving classes in art at only one art retreat this year: Art Camp for Women in October. Here is a short video tutorial by her to give you a sense of her style.

Art Can Make You Larger than Life!

“Oh it’s beautiful!”

Julie's Rose Stamp

I can't believe it turned out so well!

Julie knows herself as a card-maker and a dabbler who some times takes art classes. She was astounded at the beauty of the rose stamp she made from a special carving block .

One of the art classes at Art Camp for Women is Make Your Own Mark taught by Lorri Flint. In the class Lorri shows three or four way to make your own art stamp to include in your future art pieces.  Anything from Fabric Art to Art Journal pages to a Greeting Card, can be enhanced by using your own art stamp.

“I can’t draw worth beans, how am I going to make a stamp?”

DD was sure she wouldn’t be able to make a carved stamp because she did not think she could draw. With a few tips and techniques from Lorri she was soon carving up a storm! DD with her stamp!

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