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Strathmore Workshop I with Traci Bautista – final lesson

WOW! That was FUN! In the end that is. The Strathmore Online Workshop 1 is finished. Traci Bautista taught this class and she put together a great workshop for us.

January Girls

January - Start the Year Out Right

I  think I am past drawing glamorous dream girls. My Mom taught me to draw girls when I was about 8 and I must have drawn ten thousand of them before I was through with that. Bless you Mom.

But I really did have fun drawing and painting these two.

At the beginning of each week’s lesson I would start out totally disgusted with what I was putting down on the paper. At the end of each lesson, when I finished each week,  I was completely in love with the work I had done.  Especially with the backgrounds ala Traci. Rich, deep, intricate backgrounds always just a little beyond what I would have done on my own.

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A Space for Art-Kelli Nina Perkins Guest Post-Art Camp for Women

Art Camp for Women welcomes Kelli Nina Perkins as our Guest Blogger this week. Kelli will be teaching mixed-media art at Art Camp for Women in October 2012. She will be teaching at Deluxe Camp as well as “The Works!” Camp! Welcome Kelli.

This is Kelli Nina Perkins guest blogging for Art Camp for Women. I’m already looking forward to fall and vibrating with ideas for our upcoming session! We’ll be exploring self-portraits with juicy, colorful projects and a bit of self-exploration. I’ll share more about that later this year.

Self Portrait by Kelli Nina Perkins

Self Portrait by Kelli Nina Perkins

I bet that if you asked a group of creatives what the most important art-making ingredient is, you’d get responses like; “talent,” “practice,” “the right supplies,” “intention,” and even “imagination.”

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Art Journal Every Day – Keep an Art Journal

I am participating with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day. The idea is to get you to do at least 10 minutes of art every day. Of course once I get started I generally keep going.

At my house winter brings earlier dinners and long, long evenings. Yes, yes I know it’s been this way since Halloween, but I was very busy from October through the holidays. Very busy and often away from home. But now I’m looking at 3 more months of slow, cold, dark days…eeek…I could get depressed!

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Art Journal Project 2012 – Week 4 – Journal #1135 reports in!

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Earlier this year the Art Camp Journal Project was launched. Click on the link to find out how the Journal Project started and to see how you can participate.

Journal #1135 Page 1

Journal #1135 Page 1

Journal #1135 currently resides in Ohio. We recently received photos along with a message from Marge. Marge is not an Art Camp for Women alumni, she wrote in requesting to participate in the Art Camp Journal Project last November.

In mid-January she sent in her first report for journal #1135. She wrote:

The first page spread is finished. I got a late start because of the holidays but I’m ready to roll now! This was inspired by a great group of women I’m so blessed to be part of. We started by working our way through the book “The Artist’s Way” and have stayed together. We eat, drink and do a lot of talking while we play around with some small creativity project. We often have “show and tell” with something we’ve been working on and the encouragement and support abounds! This is my village.

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Organization Week with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – Display My Art

Small Display Shelf

After - Small Display Shelf

When I got home from my three-day weekend and got the laundry done I rushed over to read Day 5, 6 and 7 of Organization Week. I found that I had done most of the steps in the process of Day 1-4! I will qualify that statement with the fact that I had read Nat’s blog about Julie visiting and helping her organize her studio, so I really did get a head start.

I now have THREE shelves dedicated to displaying my art. One has been here for a while and was so crammed with beautiful journals that you couldn’t see any of them.  So for Organization Week I created two more. One has been holding other things (see above after picture) and one is brand new. I showed you the brand new shelf at the end of this post right after it was installed, but here it is now.

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The Art of Bookmaking with Carol Sloan

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Art Camp for Women welcomes Carol Sloan as our Guest Blogger this week. Carol will be teaching mixed-media bookmaking at Art Camp for Women in June 2012. She will be teaching at Deluxe Camp as well as “The Works!” Camp! Welcome Carol.

Carol Sloan Spirit book

Carol Sloan Spirit book - Wanna make one too?

I am so excited about teaching at Art Camp for Women this year!

I think that we, as women, have so many responsibilities in our lives that we often put our need to express ourselves creatively last on the list. We spend our days meeting the needs of everyone but ourselves.

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Art Journal Project 2012 – Week 3

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These weekly prompts  are not intended to make an entire page  but instead are intended to give you a starting point or a mild nudge when you need one.

Art Prompt: Make your own collage elements by stamping a favorite stamp image on some text and then tear or cut it out and add it to your page.

Notice the mountains

Notice the home made mountains

Writing Prompt: What do you like to do with your girlfriends.

Revel in the Moment Journal – Keep an Art Journal

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Journal page from 1/4/2012

Journal page from 1/4/2012

My Revel In the Moment Journal page from January 4.

I LOVE this page! It rarely happens that I love a page, but finally here is.

It started out with a minor disaster as the vintage sheet music started disintegrating almost immediately. I had to add a layer of gel medium to hold things together.  It still cracked where it crossed the center so I finally decided that using one of my teabags would help.

I have been saving teabags for a long time without having a use for them. I just love the beautifully textured tea color. Every once in a while I will sit and pull apart the dried bags while watching a movie. I save the kind that are one large piece with a stitch holding them together. (Some Constant Comment, Good Earth and others.)

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The Top 5 Reasons Every Artist Should Blog

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Computer Mouse with Colored PencilsThis is a guest post from Beth Hayden of Blogging with Beth. Beth is one of our 2012 guest instructors for Art Camp for Women – she’ll be teaching a brand-new class on setting up an artist’s blog.

I’m a blogging coach, and I have a confession to make – I have a soft spot in my heart for artist’s blogs. I think artists create some of the most visually engaging, dynamic blogs on the web. Art blogs are filled with images that are so yummy I just want to reach through the screen and touch ‘em. I could look at them all day.

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Organization Week with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – Keep an Art Journal

Organization Week with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

My studio has been in utter chaos since last October. In October I dismantle much of my art room to take samples etcetera to Art Camp for Women. This year when I got home I dumped everything on my table, did my laundry, and ran off to JournalFest. When I got home I dumped everything on my table, did my laundry, cleared a square foot of space on the table and tried to work around the mess.

All other surfaces buried in chaos!

All surfaces buried in chaos!

When I read that Julie Fei-Fan Balzer was going to do an Organization Week in January – I gave a huge sigh of relief – I love to organize but this time I needed  some motivation.

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