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I am participating at the Art Camp for Women – Art Journal Project.  For the purposes of honesty and full disclosure I will tell you that I am one of the partners and facilitators for Art Camp for Women.  Follow the link to read and see all about the Art Journal Project .

Art Camp Art Journal Project Cover

Art Camp Art Journal Project Cover

At first I was just going to use my journal for sample pages and for posting examples on the weekly journal prompts over at the Art Camp blog. But then we, my business partner and I, decided to play too.

After 30 years here in the states, one of my best friends, moved back to Ireland last year. With a surprise  change of immigrant policy by our dear Homeland Security, she has returned for an unexpected visit – I decided to send my journal off to Ireland. Hopefully as she builds her new community this will help her include a bit of art into it.

Well heck-oh-dear! That means I have to actually get the my portion of the journal finished so she can take it with her! We had a big brunch/party last Saturday for my friend and all the other people that we have as mutual friends. I was so present and appreciative of the joy of girlfriends that when the dust settled I sat down with the journal and made this page.

BFF 2 Art Journal Project

Girlfriends - Art Journal Project

I doodled and layered and stamped and drew and at the above stage – got stuck. The page still looks unfinished. So I went to our Art Camp blog and looked at the weekly prompt – so silly, I wrote the prompts – and got just the little kick-in-the-pants I needed. Sheesh.  Here is the final rendition of the page.

Girlfriends final - Art Journal Project

Girlfriends Finished - Art Journal Project

What did I learn? 1. Total silliness goes a long way in the world of doodling. 2. Prompts really work, regardless of who writes them 3. Sharing art and thoughts makes for a deeper connections in this world that can often feel cold and lonely.

I hope you can use some of the aspects of the Art Camp for Women Art Journal Project for yourself. We expect to expand to a larger community once we catch up – go over and see if there is something there for you.



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3 Reader Comments

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  1. Janet Ghio says:

    Love the layers and doodling on your page. I didn’t know that art camp had a blog. I will go check it out now.

  2. Monica Smith says:

    Well I thought I followed that blog. My brain must be as rusty as my hair.

    Love the journal and how you showed the influences.

    My art week was swept away by bead follies and my printer breaking along with procrastination on just which cupcake recipe to use!

  3. Lori says:

    Thanks Janet and Monica – beads and cupcakes – how can you resist?


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