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It has been a long time since I blogged regularly.  I find a little deep-down wiggle of excitement at the starting in again. At the same time there is a little niggle of fear – blogging sometimes leaves me standing naked and alone.Lorisdesk

My recent posts are just to get up to speed writing and baring my soul while I get the little tedious bits, like broken links and lost media sorted out. I don’t know if I can get Pinterest straightened out – I will keep at it.

In the meantime – here is what I will have on this blog:

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May 10 – Making Progress! Keep an Art Journal

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Okay! I have the new header banner!

The Grands

April 2013

Between distractions and work I’ve been updating links,buttons and editing photos.

Now I will work on updating some of the sidebar content and maybe I’m back in business – YAY!

May 3 – Update – harder than I thought

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This transition is still a work in progress – somehow I forgot how much attention to detail, photo editing, checking links – somehow I forgot how much time that takes. It seems like I just get into the groove of putting it together and I must go do something else.

Do not dispair or give up on me – I will get this blog transitioned and back in action. I miss it.

Update-Keep an Art Journal

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The Good News! It seems that all my content and personal links etc. are still here and intact. Today I will go through and weed and cull to make sure that only current things are visible.

The Bad News…I need to figure out a different photo software or learn more of GIMP to make a new banner/header.

The Good News! I can do that!

The Bad News…It all takes time – I’d rather be painting, collaging, drawing, talking on the phone, traveling the world…ah well

Stay tuned…

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ACK! My Blog Disappeared – Huh?

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Thursday morning

My blog was beautiful yesterday – when I went to shut down before bed last night – it was wrecked! All my personalization is GONE! My banner of art, my links and logos in the sidebar – everything that makes it mine is GONE!

Well standby friends – I am on the line to WordPress tech…should be back in business soon.

Kelly Kilmer-Painting with Paper-Keep an Art Journal

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Here are more pages from my class with Kelly KilmerMarvel Your Precious Life.  Most of the pictures happen before I get the journaling added in and to tell  the truth, I am more comfortable with this. High Heel on paintThe above collage started on a page that was already painted with diamond patterns stenciled on. I glued on more diamonds from paper scraps and finally found a page for this gorgeous shoe. The only place I have for this kind of shoe anymore. Seeing the page on the computer screen shows me that it still needs more – a border I think.

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A tangle-a-day March – Keep an Art Journal

March just got away from me!No excuses! I posted a link over at The Divas – if you want to see more tangles check out the list over there.

The kids had an extended Spring break and then March was over! I can tell from the number of days I didn’t tangle – or didn’t manage to finish a tangle – that we did not chill out together at the end of the day. This is good and bad – good because it meant that we mostly dropped into bed and conked out at the end of an adventurous day…bad, well not bad, but I didn’t do as many tangles.Zents - March 4-6I showed you March 1 through 3 at the end of February, so here I started out strong, trying out several new patterns. Zents March 7-9Kept going into the second week – tracking new patterns and trying to ‘string’ several squares (or tiles) together – still having fun. Then we ran into a performance with a couple of extra rehearsals leading into it…great performance, but I missed several days.Zents Mar 13-15I didn’t have time to look up new stuff, but carried the tangle-a-day calendar and a pen with me so I could still do bits at a time.Zents Mar 17Tried to make a Shamrock out of hearts for St. Patrick’s Day and then didn’t do much again until the following week. Then I ran away with a girl friend to a Tai Chi workshop – we did a lot of Tai Chi – and we did a lot of other things too.  Sadly…Zents-Mar 20-21the tangle-a-day wasn’t one of the things. Zents Mar 22-23Hmm, well one thing I’m getting is that I did more tangles than I thought I did. I guess the press to make one a day makes what you didn’t do – more significant than what you did! No Zen there. Sheesh. Zents March 26-27Again no time for looking up patterns, but these were pretty fun and just came together out of my head (and hand).Zents Mar 28-30I got caught without a good pen so was reduced to lots of spaces…but I liked it in the end.  On Easter we went on our annual First Hike of Spring and were gone from dawn to dusk…nothing left over for drawing.

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Marvel Your Precious Life w/Kelly Kilmer AND an Unexpected Bonus

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Maybe because of the longer daylight evenings or maybe because I can see warmer weather on the horizon – whatever the reason – I’m making more art! Marvel Your Precious Life  an online class with Kelly Kilmer has suddenly come to life for me and I can’t stay away from it.

As an unexpected bonus Kelly has a contest up on her blog today – Tuesday – just click on her name in the paragraph above and follow her directions to win! I’m going to as soon as I am done here.

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Marvel Your Precious Life – Kelly Kilmer – Next Chapter


Way back when – in January – I started this class with Kelly Kilmer, Marvel Your Precious Life.  Then life, my marvelous, precious life intervened and I have been proud just to keep at it. Tiny bits at a time, fit in between the carpooling, the deadlines, the clients, the family and a few fine and marvelous moments.

Now that I have the photo of the page (above) up – I can see what to do with the bird. I will get some white ink outlines and feathers and hopefully lighten up that whole block of dull darkness.

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A tangle-a-day February – Keep an Art Journal

I am having real fun with this tangle-a-day calendar! Some days I have no time and some days I have time to do 2 tangles and even the number! It is directly correlated to the time I need to wait for someone or something.
tangle 1-.31-13

The last January tangle - one of my favorites

Last month I promised to post the last day of January this month so here it is –>

Feb. 1-3

I started out strong in February but by the time  I’d done three days I was tired of my own company and finding my tangles uninspired and in a rut.

So what to do? Google of course.

Feb 1-3 tanglesFeb. 4 – 6

I found some fantastic tangles and started testing them out – I especially liked the rope patterns on the 4th – and the loopiness on the 5th.

Feb. 4 - 6

Feb. 7 -9

I didn’t have a lot of time during these 3 days and in fact filled in the 8th a week or so later when I started trying to figure out linked hearts for Valentines.

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