Taveling Art Journal 2016

Travel Journal – Improvising in Iceland!

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Imagine landing in a fabled land, a land you have dreamed of visiting, to find that your camera had been crushed in the overhead compartment and does not work! What to do? Improvise!

FrntIceland page

Ephemera, Tape, Stamps

To improvise for my visuals – where I normally use a camera – I started out with ticket stubs, boarding passes, business cards and progressed to tape, glue and smidgeons of paint. Once I started the improvising engine rolling I couldn’t stop! I found a rubber circular piece of junk in the car park at the airport -the red circles and then used a toilet paper roll (skinny circle) Voilá – stamps! At least this got me started. Icelndpg2Postcards came next to save my patoot. Using the extensive (almost anal) driving instructions and abjurations handed out by the car rental company for a bit of color I made an insert of pages, cleverly folding the brochures and taping in the postcards.Icelandmap

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