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It has been a long time since I blogged regularly.  I find a little deep-down wiggle of excitement at the starting in again. At the same time there is a little niggle of fear – blogging sometimes leaves me standing naked and alone.Lorisdesk

My recent posts are just to get up to speed writing and baring my soul while I get the little tedious bits, like broken links and lost media sorted out. I don’t know if I can get Pinterest straightened out – I will keep at it.

In the meantime – here is what I will have on this blog:

Art and Art Journaling: Where this blog began as well as where I began owning myself as an artist. I never know if I’m an artist who writes – or a writer who also makes art. I know that everytime I add a new creative  expression – all my other forms of expression expand and improve. I suspect this might be true of everyone – at least everyone who dares…

My biggest art goal this year is to make 52 journals. I think I have enough materials in my over-stuffed studio to make three times that many so I am also committed to having three other people make that many journals in my studio too. I love making journals!  So some of this blog will also be about making art journals or journals that are art. I also love making journals with other people so this blog will also be about that! The last part of journaling is my personal journaling. I keep daily journals and travel journals and then usually one or two extra journals just because – I journal – a lot.

Studio West view

My Over-Stuffed Studio!

Writing and reading: Unlike some folk – I love to write! So this blog will be about writing – the daughter of  reading. I started writing when I couldn’t find the stories I wanted to read. I will publish two books this year and for various reasons they won’t be under my name. Watch for clues!

Travel and housesitting is also at the top of the list of what I love. Actually what I love is discovering new places. Travel is just a by product of wanting to check out a place I’ve read about, heard about or wondered about. This blog will have a lot of traveling and housesitting included. I have decided to just write about places and my experiences there. I don’t think I will write in chronological order about where I’ve been.

My favorite house to sit!

My favorite house to sit!

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: I am also an entrepreneur for the sake of being productive. That doesn’t seem like something to love – but guess what? I  love being productive. (“Huh?” you say.) I love producing results, producing art, producing writing and even producing breakfast. I love to make things – and to make things happen.

I have a long list of things I do that make me happy but most of those things will occur in one of the above categories expecially in the art journaling.

What do you love to do? Are you doing it?

Lori -65th Birthday - December 2015

Lori -65th Birthday – December 2015

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