The Journal Project Now!

Welcome to the Art Camp Journal Project!

Lori W painting the cover paper

Year 1 – Lori W. Painting the Cover Paper

How the Art Camp Journal Project works now:

 1. Get yourself a journal! We use Strathmore Visual Journal
5.5″ X 8″.  The Strathmore Windpower 6″X 9″ horizontal watercolor spiral also works.

 2. Complete 2 to 3 art journal pages(Click here if you want a refresher about Art Journaling.)

 3. Take digital photos or scans of your completed pages.

4. Pass the journal on to 3 to 5 people in your community for them to do the same. Who would you like to get to know better through art? A neighbor? A girlfriend? Your mom? Your daughter? Your cousin in Texas or New York?

5. Make sure you get the journal back! When the journal is full have the last person get it back to you.

6. Take pictures or scan the pages and …

7. Contact Art Camp for Women through our Facebook Page and we will let you know how to share your pages with this community. You do not have to join Facebook for this. Be sure to include contact information so we can let you know when we post your pages. 

Weekly Art Journaling  Prompts 

Weekly Prompts – one each for mixed-media art and for writing as well as sample images will be posted – usually on Wednesday – on our blog  and on our Facebook page to inspire you and keep you going.

How and Why the Art Camp Journal Project Got Started

Some time in late 2010 we watched a documentary movie called “1000 Journals.”  The movie got us all excited about the idea of creating small art communities around the women who have come to Art Camp using art journaling.

One thing that all  of the Art Camp alumni reported back to us about Camp is how much they enjoyed the camaraderie of other women artists.  They also always added how difficult it is to fit in art regularly when they are back home and by themselves.

Assembling the Journals

Assembling the first Journals

The Art Camp Journal Project was created to help you create a little “art camp” right there  where you live. You would do this by sharing the journal with family and friends – supporting you and your art between Camps.

Journal Ready to Mail - Stars Model

Decorated Journal

We started  this project by sending a journal to Art Camp Alumni.    But it got awkward and confusing very quickly.  So now – anyone can join in.

Originally the journal got passed around until it was filled and then returned to us. Then we took pictures and posted them on the blog.

By participating in The Art Camp Journal Project, you will know yourself as an artist who enhances art in yourself and in your community.

Thanks for playing and thanks for growing your art community.


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